Dentists Need SEO!

If you are in the dentist industry and not utilizing SEO you are missing out!

As a dentist and a business owner, you most probably already have a small client base. However, when it comes to growing your business, the word small is inadequate. You need to expand your client base and reach new potential clients in as many ways as possible. The well-known marketing techniques will get you to a certain point, but if you don’t have millions to spend on banner ads, TV adverts and radio, these techniques are not very effective.


This is why a lot of the time, business owners turn to SEO as their primary marketing campaign. Search Engine Optimization is not only affordable, but also extremely effective. All you need as a business owner is a website. The expert SEO agency you choose to hire will do the rest.


How will SEO help? Well. Most people now go online to research services such as dentists, hygienists etc. Hardly anyone uses yellow pages or newspapers to look for local dentists these days, we are in the internet age. With the power of SEO, your website will become visible to thousands of searches per month, expanding your client base and causing you to EXPLODE in business. SEO agencies have the power to increase the point at which your website ranks for specific keywords to page 1! Imagine the amount of publicity you will get from being on page 1 on Google for a search term (keyword) like ‘London Dentist’.


SEO is time consuming and sometimes difficult to grasp. Unless you want to spend countless hours learning about SEO and all the different Google algorithms, hire an SEO agency in London to perform SEO on your website at a very affordable cost. Now the word affordable means different things for different people and different businesses. SEO is an investment. If done correctly, your revenue will explode and the ROI you will get will be very much worth the small investment.


SEO is becoming more and more important especially for local businesses. Search Engine Optimization allows you to rise above your competitors on Google. Meaning your website will appear above your competitors so YOU will get the traffic come to you first. Giving you a great opportunity to gain a client. It also shows credibility and professionalism and I know myself that we as consumers love to see that from a business. Nothing shows credibility more than being ranked on the first page of Google.


When it comes to selecting an SEO agency, you must be careful as there are many high profile companies who will get you fast results, which is tempting. However, you will get no quality what so ever. SEO is a long process, depending on the difficulty of the keyword, it usually takes about 7 months. Now you will start making more money and getting more customers a couple of weeks in but don’t forget the end goal. To get to page one and stay there. The 7 months is how long it will take to get you to page one, not how long until you get your ROI (return on investment). You see the companies which charge £300 per month for SEO will get you to page one within a month or so. But trust me when I say, you will NOT stay on page one for long. This is also why you must stay away from any business offering an SEO package. Every website, every customer and every keyword is different. There can’t just be a set price for SEO as each site will take a different amount of time, effort and money to rank. My advice is to pay a real SEO expert £2000 – £6000 (depending on the size of your site, business etc) to do QUALITY SEO for you and actually get you results which will stick.

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